Julie E. Johnson is a seasoned trial attorney specializing in personal injury and consumer litigation. As a personal injury attorney in Dallas has handled thousands of cases producing exemplary results for her clients. Ms. Johnson brings energy, expertise, and toughness to the fight in representing Plaintiffs who have been injured as a result of the negligence of others.
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At the Law Office of Julie Johnson, their Dallas motorcycle accident attorneys understand the key factors in a potential motorcycle accident case. They focus on identifying every single liable party and providing compelling evidence of their negligence. At the Law Office of Julie Johnson, their attorneys prepared to help fight for fair compensation to address medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.
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Bicycling is becoming more and more popular in and around the Dallas area. At the Law Office Of Julie Johnson, their Dallas bicycle accident attorneys are ready to help if you or a loved one have been injured. They investigate your case and more to secure the compensation you need. For more info: juliejohnsonlaw.com/practice-a


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